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After graduating from my degree in Film & TV production in 2004, I started my career in the studio operating pedestal cameras in a live environment, before moving onto local news, filming reporter lead news packages & sports features on location. I then moved into Outside Broadcasts as a freelancer where I developed my multi-camera skills across many sports, gaining plenty of experience on RF hand-held cameras and long lenses.  I also continued my location PSC camerawork at the same time, working on many factual entertainment shows where I was able to develop my lighting camera skills.

Having worked across a varied spectrum of productions, I pride myself on being a well rounded operator, being adept at all styles of camera operating. I've filmed countless episodes of factual programmes on location, lit master interviews and studio setups, filmed cycle races from the back of motorbikes, filmed Long lens Super-Bike racing on Hi-Motion / super slow cameras, as well as being a renowned hand-held operator.  More recently I've been Steadicam operating with my own rig on some of the biggest sporting events as well as 'B-camera' operating on scripted Drama. 

This array of experience makes me a very versatile operator who is comfortable in all manor of scenarios, meaning I can always deliver quality images to a production.  I am able to think editorially, shoot in sequences and am very story aware, which has proven useful for documentary as well as Live sporting event's,  meaning I can react to whats going on around me quickly. 

I now mostly work as a DOP / Camera and Steadicam operator, working with my own camera kit on a range of TV shows, documentaries, sports features, and Steadicam on Live Outside Broadcasts. 

I enjoy lighting, from sit down interviews, to larger considered studio shoots, green screen, product shoots, as well as on the fly documentary style shoots, working in small or large crews. 

After 10 years of operating of Steadicam,  in 2023 I invested in my own Steadicam rig and am enjoying my journey into this area more fully as a specialisation and have been fortunate enough to work on some huge sporting events.

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