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Drone / UAV

I hold a full permission for commercial operations (PFCO) and hold a BNUC-S qualification with a 1st class distinction for flying. Being CAA Approved means I am fully insured up to £2 million with safety  always being a priority. Risk assessments and pre-flights surveys will be carried out, making for safe and worry free flying.   


Upon becoming a CAA Approved Pilot in 2016, I began flying UAV's on a Channel 4 property show where I flew on over 60 episodes over an 18 month year period racking up over 300 flights & 1700 air miles across the UK.

Aerial shots add so much value to any production giving an alternative dynamic that always enhances a films production values and engages the audience instantly. Using a drone is an easy and affordable way to achieve breathtaking shots.


A drone is simply another tool in the kit bag, if you need a few aerial shots on top of a regular shoot day, I can speedily and safely deploy my drone sparing you the cost of a drone crew.   

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